Before seeking admission the Parent/Guardian is expected to go through following rules:-

  1. Application Form along with prospectus may be obtained from the school office by depositing Rs.
  2. Fully filled application form along with D.O.B and T.C certificate for new admission will be under consideration for admission.
  3. Two passport size photographs must be submitted along with the admission form.
  4. Admission is taken on the basis of written test followed by an interview on a prescribed date.
  5. A month’s prior you will have to inform the office before the withdrawal of a student from the school and a month’s advance fee will be charged.
  6. A student’s name may be stuck off from the register due to:-
    1. Indiscipline
    2. Non payment of fees
    3. Unsatisfactory academic performance
    4. Continue absence of 7 working days without principal permission
  7. T.C from the school can be issued only when all the dues are paid.Application for T.C should be signed by the parent/guardian and contain following information:-
    1. Student’s Name and Address
    2. Father’s Name
    3. Class and section
    4. Admission No.
    5. Reason foor leaving the school
  8. The school authority reserves the right admitting or refusing admission to candidate without assigning any reason for that
  9. The tuition fees will be charged for 12 months in a year . Fees once paid will not be refundable.
  10. The academic year starts from April to March.