WELCOME TO S.D. Public School

S.D. Public School is one of the Best leading School, offering a unique educational friendly environment that prepares the next generation.

School is running along the lines of best educational practices. The school imparts best education to it's students.Our motto is to reflect ‘Knowledge is Power’ the value based system.The school not only provide curriculum studies but also attempt to inculcate values of a good human being in students.The school always work in direction of civilising its students.It provides a cutting edge education system with state of the art infrastructure and facilities for the students from Class Nursery to Class 12th using modern methodolgy i.e. Audio-Visual, Computer etc.
S.D. Public School is situated at Huruhuri nearby Kerakat, Jaunpur. It was founded on 26th April 2007 by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh(M.Sc., Ph.D). .