About Us

About the School:-

S.D. Public School is situated at Huruhuri, Kerakat, Jaunpur. It was founded in 26th April 2007 by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh(M.Sc., Ph.D).


Aim OF The Institution:-

    1. S.D. Public is established on the conception of Indian culture civilization and principles that is-


      • This institution imparts of education such as faith in God love for country and to develop the sense of responsibility.
      • To inculcate the strength of character.
      • To enable them to face the challenges of life.
      • To eradicate the evils of blind faith , casteism religious intolerance etc.
      • To develop a healthy atmosphere in order to the bright carrier of the student.

Prominent Features:-

S.D. Public School is an English co-educational Institute affiliated to CBSE New Delhi has well planned classrooms with proper sitting arrangements ensuring excellent visibility.

(a) Quality education of a very affordable price which is accessible  to all parents.

(b) Kids world computer education, Modern Audio Visual Aid and Entertainment media are the special attraction.

(c) Prizes for the 1st,2nd and 3rd rank holder for the whole academic year.


Co-curricular Activities:-

A part from the classroom education, keeping the overall development of the students in mind the school’s curriculum includes many co-curricular activities like Debates(Hindi and English), Education, Music, Dance various Games and Sports , Quiz, Maths, Art competition, Social Welfare activities etc.


Annual Activities:-

To encourage and give equal chance to participate in various cultural programs the school organizes annual function Art and craft Exihibition.


School Picnics:-

The school organizes outings, picnics, excursion to various places of interests such as scientific cultural heritage and national importance in various group of different classes.


School Sports:-

Physical and health education is a necessary part of the school curriculum . our school has glorified the Olympic Motto:”The most important thing in the games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not to Triumph but to struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well”.